We believe in providing great sound for all.

Every customer, every seat in the room.

That's why we are proud of our partnership with Martin Audio as a main dealer; providing event production and rental companies, installers, venues and entertainers with the best possible tools to achieve this.

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Penguin Media Solutions

Your trusted supplier for Martin Audio

We offer system recommendations, demonstrations, design assistance and sales support pre and post-sale. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to innovation sets us apart. We understand your needs, because we’ve been there!

We’re proud of our high client retention rate and a reputation for high-quality service. As a small firm, we value the personal touch and assign a single point of contact for our clients' projects and ongoing support.

Paul Byrne

EWP has been sourcing Martin Audio products through Penguin Media Solutions for several years, and our experience has been exceptionally positive. Penguin Media Solutions stands out for their fair pricing and excellent communication, especially regarding lead times. This aspect is crucial for us, given the often tight schedules of our projects.

Our focus has primarily been on the CDD range, particularly the models with a marine finish, aligning perfectly with our extensive work in the marine industry. The CDD range from Martin Audio impresses with its compact design, which does not compromise on quality or versatility. The availability of various models within the CDD range allows for flexibility and adaptability in different settings, an essential factor in our line of work.

The marine finish models have proven to be an ideal choice for cruise ship environments, offering durability and consistent performance even in challenging marine conditions. The sound quality is exceptional, providing clear and powerful audio that enhances the cruise ship experience for passengers.

Overall, our continued use of Martin Audio products, especially the CDD range, is a testament to their suitability and excellence for marine applications. Their speakers consistently meet our high standards for audio performance and reliability, making them an integral part of our audio solutions for cruise ships. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Penguin Media Solutions and Martin Audio, confident in the value and quality they bring to our projects.

Paul Byrne

Operation Manager, EW Production Services

Ballet dancers on a school stage lit by theatre lights

We’re here to help

We are a small but capable firm, so we pride ourselves on the personal touch. We have a high client retention; our clients become friends, and stay that way! That’s an important thing to us; it’s very easy for relationships to drift when you have many people handling a project.

We assign a Project Manager from the design process to sale and beyond, so you have one main point of contact and one familiar face!

Student speaking to an audience

Professional sound systems for every requirement

From concert and touring, to corporate, to portable more modest event applications, to installations there is a Martin Audio product to suit.

From the excellent FlexPoint point source all rounder, to the technologically brilliant Wavefront Precision series and Torus paired with Display 3, to the budget conscious yet excellent powered Blackline XP range with Bluetooth and iPad control.

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A well established multi-award winning company with a name you can trust.

The term rider-friendly gets thrown around a lot. Martin Audio is a pioneering audio manufacturer with over 50 years of innovation. If your client isn’t aware of the brand solution you’re providing, I’m sure they would have heard of Glastonbury Festival, and the many stages there dominated by a Martin Audio experience.

The Pyramid Stage is the most famous festival stage in the World!

… or Ministry of Sound or Fabric two of the world’s most famous nightclubs.

… or British Summertime at Hyde Park, a festival that may not have been approved to go ahead were it not for Martin Audio’s innovation and exemplary optimisation and noise control technology.

We’re a forward thinking audio, video and lighting design, sales and installation company

We don’t just shift boxes… we’ve been designing installations for live venues, theatres, sport and arena shows for years!

We design your system to fit you and your needs. From a pair of speakers for a solo musician doing their own small venue tour, to a venue of thousands. The physics is the same – and your business benefits from that expertise.

We hold Martin Audio products in our sales, demo and rental stock – we’ve put our trust in these products, so we’re well placed to help you make your decision.

We feel strongly about the power of a strong rental network. Finding people like you, with matching or complimentary products, means you can sub-hire across the network, taking on larger projects when they arise. Also equally important, your products can be sub-hired to other production companies, because no speaker will make money while it’s on a shelf in your warehouse!

Dylan Thompson talks Martin Audio

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EW Production Services LTD

Dylan is always a trusted source of advice that I have come to rely on for all issues that arise with regard to sound and light. He has extensive knowledge and technical skills and is reliable, committed and a pleasure to work with.

Because Dylan is so professional and easy to communicate with, I have always had complete confidence in asking Dylan to liaise with colleagues, directors and authorities in order to provide the best solution for each project.

I can recommend Penguin Media Solutions without hesitation as a professional contractor who cares about both the quality of installs and customer service.

Kerry Watkins, Area Manager, Madame Geisha Group
Kerry Watkins
Area Manager, Madame Geisha Group

Our new state-of-the-art Martin Audio sound system delivers power and clarity that is unequalled in the South Coast for a venue of its size. This system allows Bau Wow to punch well above its weight within its category.

We were thoroughly impressed with Penguin Media and their extensive knowledge of both what our customers expect, as well as the products needed to achieve this. Their creative input helped shape the venue and we couldn’t be happier with both the sound and the lighting.

Cleto Capetta, Owner, Bau Wow
Cleto Capetta
Owner, Bau Wow

The University of Kent Commercial Service Department have used Penguin Media Solutions on numerous occasions over the last 9 years, from small additions to existing projects to complete refits and new builds.

We have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the team, their can-do attitude and willingness to explore solutions that will delight our customers.

Although Penguin have a focus on quality they are willing to work tirelessly to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

They are reliable, offer continued support for my team and their work is exceptional. Penguin’s recommended product choices have stood up to the rigors of daily use and I wholly recommend their services.

Keith Williams of University of Kent
Keith Williams
University of Kent

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